Armed with its 37 years of existence, and thanks to our policy for acquiring the latest technological evolutions and our operators receiving intense training, our company has been able to achieve a high degree of perfection and refinement in the clothing industry, working out way up to the rank of French Haute Façon. We can meet your design needs as soon as our Research department receives a style sketch, equipped with LECTRA, in pattern making, pattern gradings, or pattern developing. Our BULLMER automatic cutter will ensure an optimum cut of your fabrics. Our team of seamstresses, divided up between pattern fitters, 1 chain for collections and 3 multipurpose chains allow us to make either a one-off or mass production, with constant attention paid to the quality and respect for our customers' deadlines. From outerwear to dresses, skirts or blouses, tailored or loose-fitting, our know-how will give you satisfaction equal to your demands. Don't hesitate to contact us for any request; we will put all our expertise at your disposal.


Les produits

  • Cut and sewn stitch
  • Woven

Techniques de fabrication

  • Services
  • Cutting
  • Making up


  • Strapless tops, tops, shirts
  • skirts
  • dresses
  • trousers
  • Outerwear
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts
  • Image clothes, trade garments

Spécificités façonniers

  • Automatic cutting
  • Smocking machine
  • Fringe
  • Quilting
  • Openwork
  • Fashion trends
  • Tailor-made
  • Hand stitch
  • Integrated embroidery machine
  • Flocking

Fiche d'identité

Chef d'entreprise : HERBLOT Tony
Activité : Manufacturing
Métiers :
  • Stylist
  • Research department, pattern making, pattern grading
  • Contractor
  • Cutting platform
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Joint venturer, fabric and supply purchasing
Style :
  • Loose-fitting
  • Tailored
Effectif : 46 employees
Adresse :

La Porte Rouge, BP N°1


Téléphone : +33(0)2 51 54 82 69
Fax : +33(0)2 51 54 70 03
Site internet :
E-mail :
À proximité de : 50 minutes from NANTES